Sydney Who?

Published on 15 July 2022 at 16:05

Hey! I am Sydney, a photographer out of Northwest Indiana & the Chicagoland area.

Well, since you are here...

Welcome to My Blog!

"Images Speak Louder Than Words"

Unless you just talk really really loud...

Just Kidding, Ha!

The point of creating this blog, is to help YOU, and to stay in the now.

From client guides to the perfect Pinterest ideas for a shoot, this will be where you find some amazing ideas and guides to create your dream shoot! Along with news, updates, and special shoots!

So, this is me!

I pursued photography as a career because now more than ever taking pictures and remembering memories forever is SO important! One simple photo captures a moment, and it'll last forever. Living in this crazy world, I think we take photography for granted since taking a picture is so accessible now. We literally have the tools to take an image at any given moment.

I became a mommy last August to my sweet little boy Bennett. Since then, it has opened my eyes how truly important it is to capture and document every important moment in my son's life. (Maybe a little more than I should) but common, can a mom really have to many photos to look back on? The answer is HECK NO, and that goes for every important moment in life, not just your child.

Alright, here's the whole point of my rambling...

Get the photos done of those important moments!

Capture those special milestones or crazy adventures!

Relieve the moments that truly matter!

So, if this sparked an idea, I'll be here. Let's capture an adventure, tell a story, or have some downright fun to look back on. 


~Xoxo, Sydney~



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